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Andy White

Sharp, hand-crafted, poetic, these are just some of the words regularly used to describe the work of Belfast-born singer songwriter Andy White.  Or, as Melody Maker said on hearing his debut album, “Yer man’s brilliant.”

Religious Persuasion (BUY 234) was White’s first ever release.  He didn’t hang around on Stiff for long, and quickly jumped ship to Decca to record an album, Rave On Andy White.  From there he moved on to various labels, countries of residence (he currently lives in Melbourne, Australia) and collaborators, which have ranged from Peter Gabriel to Sinead O’Connor to the ALT project which he put together with Hothouse Flowers’ Liam O'Maonlai and Crowded House’s Tim Finn.

White took a modern take on Religious Persuasion when he recorded a live-in-the-studio version at Real World in 2000.  Released on Speechless, it heard him revisit songs from throughout his career and play them through with his touring band, a three-piece that US producer Kim Fowley cheekily nicknamed The Celtic Ono Band.



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