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Billy Bremner

One of Scottish guitarist Billy Bremner’s finest moments was as part of The Pretenders, strumming on Back On The Chain Gang in 1982.  But by then he’d paid his dues, working with a number of bands and artists, which gave him the confidence to sign to Stiff for a solo career.

Bremner first got going when he joined The Luvvers, Lulu’s backing band, in the mid-60s.  The Luvvers cut a single in their own right, too - The House On The Hill - for Parlophone records.  From there he joined Rockpile, the band that backed most of Nick Lowe’s early hits and Dave Edmunds’ album.  In fact Bremner actually wrote Edmunds’ hit single Trouble Boys, but went under a pseudonym to avoid confusion with his fellow Scot, Leeds United’s midfielder Billy Bremner.

His first single, Loud Music In Cars (BUY 125, co-written with Will Birch) was followed by Laughter Turns To Tears (BUY 143), most notable for its B-side, Tired And Emotional (And Probably Drunk).  But his finest moment was the resulting album –Bash! (Arista, 1984) – which featured songwriting collabs with Elvis Costello and Squeeze’s Difford & Tillbrook.  Now living and playing in Sweden, Bremner finally released a third solo album titled, significantly, No Ifs, Buts, Maybes, in 2006.




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