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Brigit Novik & M

Robin Scott had worked with Stiff right at the start of his career, signing Roogalator for the label’s third single in 1976.  Just two years later he’d become a major star himself, going round the world with Pop Muzik, a UK number two, US number one and – twenty years after – the opening theme for U2’s PopMart tour.

But M never sustained commercial sales.  Its follow up (1979’s Modern Man) only made number 33 in the UK and didn’t dent the US singles chart.  His third album, 1981’s Famous Last Words, was a fitting finale to that particular phase of the Scott story.

For the next chapter, he put Brigitte Vinchon a/k/a Brigit Novick in the spotlight.  The pair had met and fallen in love while Scott was working in Paris as a producer for Barclay Records.  Returning to the UK, it was Brigitte who provided the memorable backing vocals on Pop Muzik.

Danube (BUY 151) was followed by a second single, The Wedding Dance (BUY 166) credited solely to Brigit Novick. Their overall sound was part of Scott’s emerging interest in world music which resulted not only in these singles but an unreleased album - Robin Scott & Shikisha - recorded in Kenya around the same time.



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