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Humphrey Ocean And The Hardy Annuals

Only 2500 copies of Whoops-A-Daisy (BUY 29), Humphey’s only release, were pressed.  Making them even more of a curio, they came in five separate pressings of 500 blue, red, green, white and clear vinyls.  It was all a bit of a one-off pop art joke for Ocean who has since enjoyed a long-lasting career as an artist.

Before he embraced art fill time, Ocean was bass player for Kilburn and the High Roads, who he had become embroiled with while at Canterbury Art School in the early 70s.  Ian Dury, who formed the High Roads and taught at Canterbury, was his mentor at the time.  And it was Dury that pushed for Ocean –who can be spotted dancing onstage during Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll in the first Stiff tour movie – to record a solo single, writing and producing it for him.

In the years that followed he has exhibited his works at the Tate Liverpool, the Whitechapel Art Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery.  But his most visible work in recent years is a variant of a 2005 aquatint, Black Love Chair, which Paul McCartney used as the cover image for his 2007 album Memory Almost Full.



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