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Joe 'King' Carrasco

Stiff played a small part in the bizarre and eventful life of Joe 'King' Carrasco when the single Buena (BUY 88) was released in 1980.  The self-styled king of party/tex/mex rock ‘n’ roll, he brought with him a tight backing band, The Crowns, and a self-titled album (SEEZ 028).

Joe performed live on the last Stiff package tour in the early 80s and was a tour-de-force on stage.  But the UK didn’t quite buy his OTT party tunes and spirit, unlike the US where the press have been consistently warm.  "The conjunto spirit wraps it all up,” Village Voice once warned, “Carrasco’s lighting fires on the mountain."  As Performance magazine noted, "If there’s one thing he’s known for - from Texas to New York - it’s delivering a Texas sized party no matter what the circumstances."  Or as the NME said of Buena, “(It’s) an exuberant call to accordion arms, aimed right at the feet, as in ‘I theeenk he wants us to dance senor’…"



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