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Pink Fairies

A remnant of London’s psychedelic club scene in the late 60s and early 70s, the Pink Fairies are the missing link between psychedelia and the mainstream, between hippy attitude and punk, and between rock and metal.  They sprung from the scene that produced Hawkwind, and collaborated together occasionally as Pinkwind. 

By the time they arrived at Stiff, they’d been recording for five years, releasing the seminal Never Never Land on Polydor in 1972, and their contemporaries - Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath - were beginning to shift serious units.  Larry Wallis had just joined the band, having played in UFO, Motörhead, Blodwyn Pig and The Deviants.  Live, he quickly became the center of attention.  “The (other) Pink Fairies would leave the stage for literally fifteen minutes,” he told the Forced Exposure ‘zine, “and I’d stand there all on my own with my wah-wah pedal, fuzzbox and echo chamber playing completely unaccompanied...”

So for the second Stiff single - the Pink Fairies’ Between The Lines (BUY 2) - Robinson and Riviera took their eye off the now, and the new, in favour of something slightly more tried-and-tested but certainly not middle of the road. 

Between The Lines was the band’s one and only release for Stiff before heading off for a life largely on the road, as opposed to on record.  But Larry Wallis stuck around to release a solo single and – when Nick Lowe left the label – took up the reigns as one of the label’s house producers, working with Wreckless Eric, The Adverts, The Realists and Youth In Asia.




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