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Plummet Airlines

“We were signed to Stiff due to Fred Grainger and John Eichler (who ran the Hope & Anchor pub)’s  connections,” remembers Keith Gotheridge, drummer with the Nottingham five-piece.  “Dave Robinson had a recording studio there, also Jake Riviera liked vocalist Harry Stephenson’s material and him as a performer in particular.  Dave had heard some of our early recordings some time before, and liked what we did…”

Silver Shirt (BUY 8) – their one and only Stiff release – happened right at the sparking moment of punk, recorded at Pathway Studios just a couple of weeks after The Damned had been there thrashing out Damned Damned Damned.  “Sean Tyla produced Silver Shirt,” remembers Keith, “It took 11 hours of studio time at £11.00p per hour, a reel of 1” tape at £20 and half a reel of ¼” tape at £6.  A total of £111 (not forgetting 8% VAT of £8.88p) bringing it to £119.88.  For some reason I still have the receipt!”  But just as punk was starting Plummet Airlines’ course was changing…

“We got on okay with The Stranglers,” Keith remembers, “but punk was the happening thing so bands like them and The Police fitted suddenly and we didn’t anymore – as far as the record labels were concerned – that’s why we didn’t get the album deal.”  As guitarist Richard Booth realised, “We were all musicianly and the punk bands weren’t.  We were like a fish caught on the beach with the tide going out – that’s what it felt like to me at the time.”  Plummet Airlines also included Daryl Hunt, who later took over as bassist from Cait O’Riordan in The Pogues.




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