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With the Nick Lowe and Pink Fairies records out and on shelves, Dave and Jake turned to Robin Scott for the third Stiff single.  The man who would go on to write and record the seminal Pop Muzik as M, Scott was managing the R&B band Roogalator at the time alongside his own solo endeavours.

Lead by Danny Adler on guitar and vocals, Roogalator featured Nick Plytas on keyboards and swapped members with Jona Lewie’s early outfit, Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers.  Taking their name from a mid-60s Frank Zappa production, Got To Find My Roogalator, Adler saw it as the perfect moniker, representing “kinetic emotion, something you can get your teeth around…  something inherently clean and intelligent.”

By 1976 they had a growing audience and achieved the ultimate underground accolade of recording a session for John Peel on BBC Radio 1.  The session, dated 13 May 1976 was the first of three the band recorded and featured four tracks, two of which - All Aboard and Cincinnati Fatback – were licensed by Scott to Stiff for A side and B side respectively.

Stiff was setting out to prove it could rip up the rulebook, so where better to start than with those who wrote the rulebook, The Beatles?  All Aboard’s sleeve was an out-and-out parody of With The Beatles, and was the precursor to The Damned’s riotous cover of Help! released later the same year. 

Renowned journalist Nick Kent loved Roogalator, covering them in the NME throughout 1975 and 1976 and describing them in one breathless mouthful as “London’s hottest new combo since the days of pub-hopping manically in order to feel the breath of the mighty Feelgood beating down through the brew-sodden atmospheres of the Kensington, Hope & Anchor, and all points northwards to Camden Lock.”  Both Robin Scott and Nick Plytas would return to Stiff towards the end of the eighties with singles recorded as Brigit Novak & M and Via Vagabond.




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