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Tenpole Tudor

A four-piece formed in the mid-70s, Tenpole Tudor were Edward Tudor-Pole (vocals), Bob Kingston (guitar), Dick Crippen (bass) and Gary Long (drums).  They got together after Tudor-Pole appeared in the Sex Pistols’ Great Rock N Roll Swindle and was even to replace Johnny Rotten as lead Pistol, but soon found himself jobless when the rest of the band moved on.

“Apparently Malcom McLaren said to him that after that he could either form a band or go into pornography,” Cripppen later said.  “And of course Eddie made the wrong decision!”  At first signing to Korova, Tenpole Tudor began a demo tape for Polydor.  “I produced that after the big-name guy (Sex Pistol Steve Jones) who was booked didn't turn up,” says Crippen.  “Polydor wanted to sign us but Robbo offered us a better deal. He signed us against everyone else at the label's better judgment...”

On Stiff the band delivered six singles, including the barnstorming chart hits Swords Of A 1000 Men (BUY 109) and Wunderbar (BUY 120).  Two albums followed, supported by riotous live tours, before Tudor-Pole decided to split.  Solo, he tried to evolve their trademark sound, releasing The Hayrick Song (BUY 177) as Eddie Tenpole Tudor, while at the same time the others stuck with the more familiar formula and released Tied Up With Lou Cool (BUY 172) as The Tudors.



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