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The Dancing Did

Folk, acoustica, earthy and unplugged, these are clues to the heart of one of the directions early 80s pop could have taken, and tried to take, with the likes of Tenpole Tudor, Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s second incarnation and this lot, The Dancing Did. 

The Lost Platoon B/W The Human Chicken (BUY 136) appeared in 1981 in two different sleeves and was the band’s only recording for Stiff.  It was produced by Bob Andrews who worked as a Stiff producer - recording early artists like Jona Lewie and Lew Lewis and later signings like Pookiesnackenburger and ‘The Did’ - after previously being a member of The Rumour.

This was actually the fourth release from the band who had previously recorded for the obscure indie Fruit & Veg Records, their eponymous 1979 debut 7” coming with a free dollop of “soil from the Vale of Evesham”!

One of Dancing Did’s long serving protagonists is journalist and author Mick Mercer who calls them “Unique…  like an unholy union of punk, folk, rockabilly/bebop and true English goth imagery, you can plot them on a creative line somewhere between CS Lewis, Alan Garner, Mervyn Peake, P.G.Wodehouse and The Avengers, Pagan legends, various ghosts and Vikings invading village greens rubbing lyrical shoulders alongside nuclear war, feral wolves and burning witches.”  Or, to cut a long story short, another reviewer once called them simply “The Cure meets The Wurzels.”




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