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An early piece of US power pop history appeared in the UK via Stiff in 1980.  We Got The Beat (BUY 78) was the only appearance on the label from the Go-Gos, but the track was licensed to the extremely odd Sting film Brimstone and Treacle and its very collectable soundtrack.

The band started out in 1978 and soon gelled to a line-up that exists - off and on - to this day: Charlotte Caffey (lead guitar), Belinda Carlisle (vocals), Gina Schock (drums), Kathy Valentine (bass) and Jane Wiedlin (rhythm guitar).  Playing some of the dirtiest, most influential clubs in the US - like LA’s Whiskey A Go Go - quickly put them on punk’s emerging world map and led to an invite to come to the UK.

The invite was from the Stiff/Madness camp, who had the band support them across a massive UK tour during the 1980 mania of One Step Beyond.  The Go-Go’s caught some of that attention for themselves, which lead Stiff to release We Got The Beat as a single that year.

It failed to chart that time round but, by 1982 the band was back in the US and going ballistic.  Their first US single Our Lips Are Sealed (co-written by Terry Hall) broke the Billboard chart and when We Got The Beat was re-released as a follow-up it made number two.  Both of which conspired to have the album they sprang from – Beauty And The Beat – hit the number one spot, going double platinum.  More importantly, Beauty And The Beat became the first album written and performed by an all-female combo to top the US charts.



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