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When Madness released Wings of a Dove in 1983 they were finally being brave and moving in a new direction.  It paid off well too, reaching number two in the UK singles chart.  It was also daring visually, a high budget video held the music back until well after a minute of larks had screened.  It featured the band flying their choir and steel band off in a jumbo jet.  It was also quite different musically – a one-off single which featured a really uplifting sound from the choir and steel drummers spotted on that jumbo jet.

The choir in question was The Inspirational Choir Of the Pentecostal First Born Church Of The Living God.  Having made such a contribution to Madness, the band’s producers - Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley – repaid them by producing a record of their own.  Pick Me Up (BUY 193) wasn’t a hit like Wings Of A Dove but – like many Stiff ideas of the time – it would have been crazy not to at least try…




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