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The Tranzmitors

Vancouver five-piece The Tranzmitors came together in 2004 to continue where The Buzzcocks, The Undertones and The Exploding Hearts left off.  All members - Bryce Dunn (drums), Mike Flintoff (vocals, bass), Jeffrey McCloy (vocals, guitar), Jarrod O’Dell (vocals, keyboards) and Nick Thomas (vocals, guitar) - had previously played in a variety of punk and power pop outfits around Vancouver including The Smugglers, The New Town Animals and The Parallels.  Enough heritage for Exclaim magazine to note they “were dubbed a supergroup from the beginning.” 

“Most people don't have the balls to even try making music this perfect and catchy,” says Seeing Eye Records’ Sir Teddy of the group.  “It’s pretty clear why this band is appreciated by punks, hipsters, and garage-geeks alike...”

On stage, The Tranzmitors have “a stage presence similar to a band like Cheap Trick in their prime,” reckon Exclaim magazine, “complete with epic guitar solos and infectious sing-alongs.”  As another US review said of a January 07 show, “the group put out enough straight-from-the-garage energy to make you wonder what you ever saw in The Hives.”

Before signing to Stiff, they released a string of 7” singles on Canadian indie labels like Cat Call, La Ti Da, Seeing Eye and Deranged, home of notorious Toronto hardcore act Fucked Up. called Bigger Houses, Broken Homes their debut 7” “two doses of anthemic UK-influenced punk,” loving the A-side’s “aggressive yet melodic punker” while Exclaim! loved the B-side for being “equally revved up, chewing and spitting in a reverie of anthemic shouts.  Unabashedly ready to embrace a wilder energy and swallow it whole…”



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