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The Untouchables

The Untouchables were a full-force mod/ska revival unit, that cut their teeth playing covers of the Blue Magoos, the Small Faces and The Monkees’ Stepping Stone as part of Silver Lake, LA’s ska revival scene in the early 80s. 

It was actually an earlier Stiff band that inspired The Untouchables to form in the first place.  “Man, it was because of bands like The Equators that we formed The Untouchables,” vocalist Jerry Miller once said.  “We were very big fans of 2 Tone, but with The Equators, that’s where it was at with us because it was so groovin’ and soulful.  Their recordings were sacred to us.  We used to listen to them in the dark and take in their influence...  I remember when The Equators toured the US in 1981.  My friends and I went to see them at the Reseda Country Club dressed in our best mod and rudeboy get-ups and attitudes…”

By the mid-80s Stiff knew that they could make an impression in the UK and shipped the seven-piece band over the Atlantic and into the studio with Stuart Levine and - for one track - a semi-retired Jerry Dammers.  The results were ingenious, uplifting and memorable: Free Yourself (BUY 221) and (I Spy For The) FBI (BUY 227).  They charted well, probably based on the fact that the band had such a wide fan base, having taken a variety of support slots over the years, from The B-52s to Black Uhuru to Bow Wow Wow.



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