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The Yachts

When Elvis Costello and the Stiff team decamped to Liverpool to play the renowned Eric’s club in 1977, they loved the local support so much they signed them up.  The Yachts were an art school five-piece who - as Albert and the Cod Warriors - had previously supported the Sex Pistols, and – as the Chuddy Nuddies – released the novelty single Do The Chud. 

Suffice To Say (BUY 19) was the band’s only release for Stiff before they signed to Jake Riveira’s Radar label and headed off to try and break America.  They almost did, too.  Supporting Joe Jackson and working with Blondie producer Richard Gottehrer had them eventually crack the Billboard Top 100.  But it was when the band split a couple of years later that two members went on to greater things.  Keyboardist Henry Priestman as a founder of The Christians (who in 1987 released Island Records’ biggest selling debut album ever) and vocalist John Campbell with the massively underrated It’s Immaterial. 

BUY 19 was also the first record ever produced by Will Birch, drummer and songwriter with the Kursaal Flyers and author of No Sleep Till Canvey Island - The Great Pub Rock Revolution.  He loved the song (and the band’s “neat line in retro leisure wear”) and went on to produce various other Stiff artists including Desmond Dekker and Dr Feelgood.



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