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Theatre Of Hate

Bridging Kirk Brandon’s career path from punk band The Pack to the mainstream art pop Spear Of Destiny was his post-punk outfit, Theatre of Hate. They had released two live albums before they ever booked studio time, working with The Clash’s Mick Jones to produce Westworld.  Twenty five years later, its single, Do You Believe In The Westworld? is as politically sharp as it ever was.

“A lot of people say today, ‘Any day now someone's gonna use Do You Believe In The Westworld? on a news programme or a current affairs kind of thing’,” Brandon told Designer magazine in 2002, “because it’s one hell of a statement: do you believe in the Westworld?  Especially after the 9/11 thing, which has brought the western world sharply into focus, as opposed to ‘We’re all over here in the West having a wonderful time’ and the other two thirds of the world are struggling in some kind of slavery or just simply starving.  I just think that it’s one hell of a fragile place and peoples’ grip on what the Westworld is today is far less secure than it was twenty years ago…”




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